Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition provides extensions for web browsers. Should you test web applications, install appropriate extension for your web browser, you will be able to:

  • use the Capture Widget, to start and monitor your tests directly from your web applications
  • record the web footprint, your test footprint will contain not only the server-side footprint, but also the client-side footprint: 
    • details of loaded web pages (title, URI, duration...)
    • Javascript code coverage
    • information about testing environment: name and version of current browser, screen resolution, locale, ...
  • view the web footprint in real time

Supported browsers

Here are web browsers currently supported:

  • Google Chrome (from version 26)
  • Mozilla Firefox (from version 14)

Extension for Internet Explorer is under development.


Web extensions are currently only available from our download site, and not from browser stores.

Our extension should appear in top-right toolbar.


[Firefox] Kalistick icon is not visible in Firefox toolbar


After installation, the icon for our extension should be visible in Firefox main toolbar (at upper right). Should this icon be hidden, right-click on toolbar and select Customize... menu. The icon should be available in list, just select it. Otherwise, an error probably occured during installation (e.g. version is not supported), please contact support then.



Once extension is installed, you just need to configure the Recorder URL in extension options:

  • Google Chrome
    • Right-click on our icon, in top-right toolbar, select Options

  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Select Add-ons in main menu, and click on Options button for our extension

You will have to define the URL of your Recorder, for example, http://myserver:9096. If you have several Recorder installations, just add other URLs.

Refresh configuration


When the Recorder configuration files are changed (recorder.conf and app.conf), our extension must re-fetch the Recorder configuration. You might have to force a refresh in the extension options if it has not been done automatically (configuration is checked automatically every hour).

Configure Recorder


The Recorder must be configured to activate web recording, otherwise data captured by extensions will be ignored! See Configure Web Recording.



Our extensions for Web browsers do not require any specific usage: they only provide additional capabilities to enrich test footprint with web information. Just perform your tests with extension activated, and your test footprint will contain web information.

To verify that the extension works, check the extension icon in the top-right toolbar. When current page (i.e. current tab) belongs to a web application where the Recorder is configured, the icon must be active. Otherwise, it must appear with a disable state.

Re-activate the extension


Sometimes, the extension will be inactive although correctly configured. In this case, go to extension options and refresh the Recorder configuration. Maybe the Recorder was inactive last time the extension accessed it.

Show the Capture Widget

When the extension is active, you can show the Capture Widget to start or monitor your tests. This may be useful for these cases:

  • your tests are not started from a external test management tool such as HP Quality Center. Instead of starting and stopping them from the Recorder UI, using the Capture Widget is much simpler!
  • you want to check in real time if your current test is covered, i.e. if its footprint was recorded
  • you want to check the test footprint. Indeed, the Capture Widget is able to show details of recorded data, such as web pages, or covered code (Javascript or server-side code)
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