Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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TestComplete is an automation testing tool from SmartBear.

See these short videos to learn more about improving your testing strategies with Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition.

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This extension for TestComplete aims monitoring status of executed tests and controlling the Recorder through its API.

Just install this extension in your TestComplete instance. Then you can call Recorder API to start and stop tests in Recorder.



Get the installation file


The extension for TestComplete is available here:

Unpack this file in a directory. There are several files:

  • kalistick.tcx: Script Extension
  • ScriptUnits/Ks_TestEngineEvents.svb: a sample Script Unit (VBScript)

To install the Script Extension, double-click the script extension package (.tcx file) in Windows Explorer or any other file manager. This will bring up the script extension installation program that asks you where you want to install the extension. For more information, check TestComplete documentation: Installing and Uninstalling Script Extensions.

Scripting language

Sample Script Unit has written in VBScript. But you can use any other language supported by TestComplete (JScript, DelphiScript etc..)


Script Extension adds a Runtime Object called KalistickRecorderCaller. This Runtime Object contains methods to call Recorder. You can use them to start and stop tests in the Recorder.

For beginning, you may use our sample script: ScriptUnits/Ks_TestEngineEvents.svb. This sample script starts and stops test for each Test Item executed when run project. It's a sample but you can also use another integration:

  • Build a Keyword test to start and stop test in the Recorder. To do this, you may use Call Object Method operation and then call KalistickRecorderCaller Runtime Object
  • Simply, call start and stop from test item editor


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