Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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Coverity Acquires Kalistick


The main impact on the documentation is the new product name: Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition

Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition consists of the Recorder and Cockpit (now called the Test Advisor Cockpit). Components, such as the Test Wizard, retain the same names as before, though sometimes preceded by Test Advisor. For information about the acquisition, see Coverity Acquires Kalistick.

Getting Started

Check our Getting Started section to see how to start on the Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition Platform.


The Recorder is the software component required to capture your test footprints and scan your application to detect changes. It is the component that you install on your servers.

Test Advisor Cockpit

The Test Advisor Cockpit is both the main user interface and the engine that process all test footprint files and scan files.

Plugins and Extensions

Service Desk: Coverity Customer Center (requires registration and login)
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