Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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SoapUI provides functional testing tool for SOA and Web Service testing.

See these short videos to learn more about improving your testing strategies with Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition.

Other tools

  • To record footprints of your functional tests, you have to install our Recorder.


Our extension for SoapUI aims to monitor the status of executed tests and to control the Recorder through its API.

Just include and configure this extension in your SoapUI instance. No further action is required during tests, as our extension listens tests execution and communicates with Recorder in the background.


  • SoapUI 4.0 or higher. Community version and Pro version are supported.
  •  Recorder.


Download last version of the SoapUI extension for Windows or for UNIX/Linux.

Unpack this file in you SoapUI install directory. Several files are added in your SoapUI install directory (%SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%):

  • %SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/ext/kalistick-soapui-plugin.jar
  • %SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/ext/kalistick-soapui-plugin-commons.jar
  • %SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/ext/kalistick-soapui-plugin-core-40.jar
  • %SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/ext/kalistick-soapui-plugin-core-45.jar
  • %SoapUI_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/listeners/ks-listeners.xml


To activate our extension, you have to add KS_RecorderUrl property for your SoapUI Project or in SoapUI global properties. This property must be set with the URL of the Recorder (See  Recorder Configuration).

If you define KS_RecorderUrl in global properties, then all test cases will be recorded by Recorder, whatever their project. Best practice is to use project properties to avoid activating the Recorder for unwanted projects.


More information about working with properties in SoapUI here:

Now, you can execute your SoapUI tests. Each test case will be recorded in the Recorder. The code used by the Recorder to identify test case is the internal id created by SoapUI (a UID).

Asynchronous tests

When you have asynchronous tests, a special property must be configured to warn the extension.

A asynchronous test launches an execution in background: the test may be ended for SoapUI, but operations are still running on your tested application. In this case, the execution footprint should be recorded until the operation ends, and not until the test is considered as finished on SoapUI.

To keep the recording of the execution footprint, just add the KalistickAsync property for the test case, with the value true.

Note: The property can be defined on the test case, on the test suite, or on the project.

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