Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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Selenium provides functional and regression test automation for web applications.

Extension for Selenium aims to record execution footprints of tests launched through Selenium, without any manual action. This will allow you to setup the Smart Testing Strategies technology provided by Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition platform.

Other tools

  • To record Test Footprints of your functional tests, you have to install the Recorder.


Our extension for Selenium provides an API which monitors status of executed tests and controls Recorder. Just include this API in your tests and use it to notify the Recorder about running tests.


  • Java 5 or higher
  • Selenium 2.1.* or higher
  • Recorder


Download last version of the Selenium extension here.

Unpack this file in a directory. There are 3 folders:

  • lib/: API library
  • javadoc/: API documentation
  • samples/: source code of samples


  • Add lib/kalistick-selenium-api.jar file to your project classpath.
  • In your code, invoke the API to notify Recorder about running tests. Look in samples/ folder for examples.



Here is a quick sample:

Implementation details

HtmlUnitDriver and remote web drivers (Chrome, Firefox, ...) are supported, but they are not managed in the same way:

  • HtmlUnitDriver is supported natively. That is, you do not have to configure anything else to make Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition work for your Selenium tests.
  • Remote web drivers such as ChromeDriver or FirefoxDriver require you to install and configure our extension for the tested Web browser. You are recommended to use a dedicated profile for the tested browser.

Web driver impact


Your web driver may be altered by the extension. In most of cases, it should not impact your tests, but you should understand details:

  • Since our extension has to set cookies on the web driver, it may change the current page when SeleniumRecorderClient.startTest() method is invoked. This may occur if your web driver is not already set on your webapp, or if you use a remote web driver
  • If you use HtmlUnitDriver, Javascript and cookies support will be activated





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