Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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Testing Booster plugin for JIRA brings the power of the Recorder into JIRA.

Other tools

  • To record footprints of your functional tests, you have to install our Recorder.


Here are the main features of Testing Booster for JIRA:

  • Record issues footprints from JIRA using workflow functions.
  • Test campaign indicators for your dashboard.


  • JIRA 5.0 or higher
  • Recorder installed and configured.


The installation of the plugin could be done easily through the Universal Plugin Manager

  1. Go to Administration > Universal Plugin Manager
  2. Click on Install tab
  3. Search Testing Booster
  4. Click on Install Now
  5. You're done!


  1. Go to Administration page (you need to be connected as an administrator).
  2. Click on Plugins > Testing Booster Settings.
  3. Select Edit Settings.
  4. Select Edit mappings.

Test Advisor Cockpit credentials

  1. The Test Advisor Cockpit URL
  2. The System user login or your e-mail
  3. System user password or yours. If you forgot the password, you could ask a new one on the Test Advisor Cockpit.


If you do not have credentials yet, you could register for a 30 days free trial on


Recorder mapping

  1. For each JIRA project that you want to test.
  2. Enter the URL of the Recorder used to test this project.


Customising the Dashboard with Testing Booster gadget

The plugin contains a gadget that integrate a set of indicators into your Dashboards:

  • Status of the current test campaign
  • Global code coverage chart
  • Modifications code coverage chart
  • Code coverage evolution during the test campaign

To add the gadget Testing Booster to your dashboard follow this procedure: Adding a Gadget.

Once on the dashboard, you can configure the gadget to display the indicator that you need.

  1. Display indicator for the configured project.
  2. Type of indicator (Status of the current test campaign, Global code coverage chart, Modifications code coverage chart, Code coverage evolution during the test campaign)

Record test footprints straight from JIRA

When JIRA is used as a test case management solution, it's cumbersome to switch back and forth between JIRA and the Recorder to start and stop each test. The plugin allows to automatically start and stop the footprints recording on the Recorder directly from JIRA.

The plugin offers two post functions that can be executed anytime in a workflow:

  • Start Test on Recorder
    This function starts a new test on the Recorder using the issue key as code and the issue summary as label.
  • Stop Test on Recorder
    This function stops the test on the Recorder. This function takes a parameter, the test status: Success, Failure, Cancelled.

The plugin also provides a condition to check if the Recorder is available.

Customize your workflow

To add the post functions to one of your workflow, you can follow the procedure: Adding a post function

To add the condition to one of your workflow, you can follow the procedure: Adding a condition

Best practice


We highly recommend that you add the condition Check Recorder Status Condition each time you add one of the plugin post function to a transition.

Import the sample workflow

If you do not want to modify your workflow, you can import our sample workflow available on the Marketplace. (JIRA Workflow Sharing Plugin is needed to import it)

  1. The Start Test function is executed during the Start transition.
  2. The Stop Test function is executed with the status Success during the Pass transition.
  3. The Stop Test function is executed with the status Failure during the Fail transition.
  4. The Stop Test function is executed with the status Cancelled during the Can't test transition.
  5. The Start Test function is executed during Restart transitions.
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