Coverity Aquires Kalistick: The new Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition includes the Cockpit and Recorder.
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HP Quality Center, aka HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the unified platform for managing requirements and tests developed by HP.

This extension for HP Quality Center (QC) aims to improve your testing strategies, using the Smart Testing Strategies technology provided by Coverity Test Advisor - QA Edition platform.

You will be able to define new test campaigns quickly, only keeping tests that are relevant according to your testing strategy (depending on changes, risks, and so on).

See these short videos to learn more about improving your testing strategies.

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Here are the main features of the extension for QC:

  • Drives the Recorder to record footprint of each executed test.
  • Uploads execution footprints to the server that hosts the Test Advisor Cockpit.
  • Imports test labs (test campaigns) that are prepared by the wizard.
  • Imports Scores on tests (Test Plan).

These features are seamlessly integrated in QC:

  • (1) New actions allow you to:
    • Import test labs (test campaigns) from Test Advisor Cockpit.
    • Upload execution footprints to Test Advisor Cockpit.
  • (2) While executing your tests, Test Advisor extension records footprint of whole executed code, and also status of your tests


  • HP Quality Center 9, 10 or HP Application Lifecycle Management 11 (aka HP QC 11)
  • Recorder


This extension is composed of several scripts which add features to QC (for example, custom fields, buttons) and watch for user events. Since QC installations might have been customized by customers, our installation scripts must be installed by Coverity or it partners.

Detailed instructions are available here.


Detailed instructions are available here.

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